Production of scratchers

Scratchers, scratching post or furniture for a cat is a must

A scratching post for a cat is very important. Cat need a special place, where they grind their claws. That applies especially to domestic cats, that do not have the opportunity to go out. There are however other important reasons for scratching. When a scratcher is missing from the household, the pet will start using our furniture instead.  😸

Cats need to scratch, even if we regularly trim their claws. Cats mark their territory by scratching, leaving their scent in such a place, sending a message to others about who is the master here. Scratching is an essential part of cat hygiene, play and sometimes emotional relief.

Tailor-made production for your pets

It doesn’t take too much effort to make a scratcher and you can do it on your own! However, if you don’t feel like making one on your own and perhaps fancy something more posh, you can buy a luxurious one from us. Just let us know about your ideas of the design, perhaps add some photos or drawings, and we will tailor make it for you.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information