Scratchers creation

A cat scratcher is a must

Cat scratcher is very important. Cats need a special place to grind their claws. Especially domestic cats that do not have the opportunity to walk outside. But there are other important reasons for scratching. When a cat scratcher is missing in the home, the pet starts using our furniture instead. 😸

Cats have a need for scraping, even if their claws regularly trim. Cats are scratching marks their territory. They leave a smell in place. So they send others a message about who is the master here. Scratching is an essential part of cat hygiene, gaming and sometimes emotional relief.

Tailor-made for your pets

It is possible to produce a cat scratcher without much effort and self-help. But if you don’t dare, or if you are looking for design pieces, buy a luxury scratcher with us. Tell us your ideas about the look and possible photos as an inspiration and get it made to measure.

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