I am a mother of three children, and perhaps by the will of destiny we were left alone. After a period of struggle very I thought about getting an animal.  A Dog? And which one? I can’t work with a dog! A cat? Yes, the right idea.

I was not only looking for a cat because of her appearance, but was also interested in its nature, a nature that would be the perfect fit with my own nature and that of my children. I chose Ragdoll. I confided in my friend. Her reaction? Why?! After all, there are so many beautiful and wonderful cats that will make you happy and you will help that way. She was probably right …I got a beautiful, lovely, cuddly cat from her for my birthday. She was named Bulva (Eyeball), because of her big round eyes. So not counting the cats at my grandmother’s garden, the cat I had at home as a little girl, and my mother’s cat, my “Life with a Cat” began with her.

Life was suddenly not so black, complicated and, as we like to say, difficult. Pussycat Bulva, like any usual domestic cat, was happier outside than at home, and her life moved to the garden over some time. I still however felt subconsciously that I was not fully satisfied and fulfilled, so kept on looking and started to research the breed of Ragdoll cats. After long research and reading many articles about this cat, I felt that I had to get to know her better. And so it happened.

A few months before I bought my first Ragdoll, I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. Thoughts about this disease were very complex, black, and life suddenly became very difficult. I was fighting with myself about what would happen next and how I will deal with it. And perhaps in order to forget the pain and failures associated with setting up the treatment, my first Ragdoll named Depress was already running at home. Funny hey? However it was actually with her that peace, laughter and joy returned to my family. And it was this cat that contributed to the creation of my kennel… it started with this one cat showing me the way.

Life with cats is spiced up with something special, it is not dull and most importantly you are not alone. And definitely not with a Ragdoll! That friend, who gave me the cat of unknown parents, never wanted Ragdoll, and as it happens in life, mainly just because I already had it, I accepted her opinion and did not argue with her that Ragdoll was not like “any” cat. We borrowed a male Aragorn to our home to mate with my second cat Flamengo and after about 14 days of having him I asked this friend to look after Aragorn to avoid his fights with our male cat Albert. I asked her during a feline therapy seminar.

After mating my second cat Flamengo, while we borrowed a male Aragorn to our home for mating, which I returned to its owner after about 14 days at a feline therapy seminar, I asked my friend for accommodation in Aragorn so that there would be no unnecessary fights between our kitten Albert and Aragorn. She took him with great apprehension and had so much to say1 After only two days of living with Aragorn, she completely fell for him. Today, she has his offspring and says “that there is no more magical creature”, even though she already has one cat and a dog at home. Well, actually, by the time this website is being created, she already has three Ragdolls at home.

I guess I should state here, she’s a person with multiple sclerosis. We both have some sort of a diagnosis, and the Ragdolls help us to manage it better. I dare to write that in times of illness, not only Ragdoll becomes your Velcro, it becomes your other Self… And this fact eventually led me and my friend to be interested in feline therapy… By being surrounded by cats with an excellent calm nature, with whom I don’t feel alone and because the Ragdolls send out very strong energy, I managed to raise cuddly, affectionate, simply wonderful, kittens from proven, healthy, tested parents. I have no doubt about the quality of my kittens, I know what I have at home, how we take care of each other. And also the feedback of people who take our kittens and the fact that they do not stay only at taking one, speaks for itself. And it doesn’t matter which of our cats is a mother at that time.